When you are minding your own business while out and about, you're probably not thinking of the ways a person can hold your race, ethnicity, or origin against you. Sadly, that's not enough to stop it from happening. Some people's hearts brim with hate and ignorance, a dangerous combination.

When confronted with uninvited bigotry, it's easy to blow up at the person who's going out of their way to hurt you. However, that is often not the best reaction, as it may reinforce the verbal assaulter's false beliefs. Remaining calm when a person is trying to get a reaction out of you can be rather disarming for them.

Try to explain to the offensive individual in the most non-confrontational terms possible that what he or she said was wrong. Try to explain why without being too preachy, as that can be off-putting. Sure, it may seem counter-intuitive to be concerned with how a rude and insulting person feels, but that is what separates you!The main thing to remember is to remain civil; don't to get violent.

With a lot of patience, it's possible to go from this:


 to this!