Construction workers are in the most danger of getting injured in their places of work. These construction sites are filled with objects that can injure or worst kill workers who are doing their jobs. According to the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), a total of 4,251 workers in private businesses were killed in 2014. From that number, 874 came from the construction sector. In addition, construction workers represented 20.5% of all deaths or 1 in 5 work-related deaths,  the largest number of fatalities reported for any industry sector. 

Causes of Construction Accidents

According to the OSHA report, there are four common causes of accidents in the construction site. The agency calls this the “Fatal Four.” Furthermore, the OSHA reveals that if these four causes are eliminated, it would save around 508 American workers a year. Here now are leading causes of construction accidents: 


Falls tops the list of causes of construction accidents. Accounting for 39.9% of all construction industry deaths in 2014. Construction workers will usually brave greater heights and in danger of falling from roofs, ladders, scaffolding, and cranes. Poor construction of scaffolding, improper use of ladders, and unprotected sides can lead to these kinds of accidents. 


Accidents due to electrocution accounted for 8.5% of construction fatalities, making it the second major cause of deaths in the construction sector. Workers can be assigned to work near electrical power circuits and can be at risk of getting electrocuted due to direct contact with power lines or incorrect use of power cords. 

Struck by object

These accidents accounted for 8.4% of deaths in 2014. They can happen as a result of tools being used above the workers are not well secured. These fatalities are caused by falling objects, cranes, and unstable walls. 

Caught in/between

Another risk facing construction workers is getting caught in or between large vehicles, walls, or concrete. This happens when a supervisor is not adequately overseeing their work site. 

Preventing Construction Accidents

There are a variety of ways to prevent accidents and fatalities in the construction site. According to the website of KFF Law, construction accidents can be greatly reduced by implementing safety standards and enforcing safe working practices. 

Safety in the workplace is also a responsibility of the employees and not just the management. They should be aware of dangers on the ground. They should also be informed of the hazards of cables running across roadways as well as the health hazards on construction sites such as asbestos, solvents, noise, and others. 

Furthermore, management should provide proper training and education on the task prior to working. There are many ways to train construction workers that are available at the disposal of the management. For employees, they should always come with the proper mindset and attitude to reduce accidents in the construction site. Here are four common errors that should be prevented when working in the site: 


Trying to complete tasks as quickly as possible can add pressure to the employees. Likewise, it reduces the quality of workmanship and increases the chances of not following the proper safety standards to accomplish the task. 


There are many factors that can cause employees to be frustrated such as poor procedures, bad communication, lack of materials, and problems at home. 


With fatigue comes reduced production and performance. To prevent this from happening, management should set realistic deadlines and attainable goals for employees. 


Employees should have the ability to adjust to any situation. They should keep themselves from having a false sense of security as it can contribute to accidents in the workplace.